Your business brand might be failing you, and 3 ways to fix it.

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We all started the journey of small business ownership because we had an idea that no one else had, or we thought we could do it better. Then the panic started to set in, how do I create a logo, a website, what is a business brand guide?! If you are like most of us, […]

10 Marketing Tools Every Small Business Should Know About in 2021

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Marketing is one of the most difficult aspects of growing your business. Some consider marketing to be an art, others treat it more like a process governed by statistics and data. The truth is that both creativity and data-driven logic play a part in creating successful marketing campaigns. Striking the right balance will heavily depend […]

How to Build a Business Online in 5 easy steps. Seriously.

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Running a business is tough enough, and expanding online can be a headache if you don’t know what to look for. Save hundreds of hours & times and learn how to build a business online like a pro. The formula is simple, don’t over complicate it! Who Is Your Target Audience?  A Target audience will […]

WordPress Care Plans, how they help and why you need one in 2020!

wordpress care plan These are also referred to as WordPress Care Plans. A WordPress maintenance plan is the third-party management of a WordPress website. It can include various services but typically includes routine maintenance of security, plugin, and core updates. This article explains the benefits of having a WordPress maintenance plan, including the features we believe every […]

Why Online Reviews Matter in 2020 (And How to Ask for Them)

Why Online Reviews Matter in 2020 (And How to Ask for Them) 1

Most of us heard at some point not to care what others think. This advice is sound for your self-esteem. But, if you’re running a business, you might not want to brush it aside.  Entrepreneurs SHOULD care about what others think. More specifically, they should care about getting people to share what they feel by […]

Why Does Web Design Cost So Much?

Why Does Web Design Cost So Much? 2

Have you been trying to figure out how to revamp your website for as cheap as possible? Maybe you’ve done some extensive research, or you haven’t. Either way, stop and consider if cutting costs on web design is a smart decision: Why do you want to create a website? Are you looking to give customers […]

20 Easy Tips to Grow Your Business Online in 2020

20 Easy Tips to Grow Your Business Online in 2020 3

In this day and age, anyone who owns a business should know the importance of growing their brand online. Without good web design, SEO, sales strategy, and social media platforms, it becomes hard to keep up with all of the competitive businesses out there. This is because digital marketing is now a vital part of […]