Josh Etheridge

Josh Etheridge

5 ways to rock your Small Business Social Media in 2019!

Welcome to the New Year, you made it! I’m sure by now you’ve created some resolutions for your small business, like make more money using social media!?

I wish I could tell you the one secret to making it big on social media, but there isn’t a magic formula. I do have a few tricks that will put you above the rest, and help stand out from your competition.

1. Stop Selling, Start Giving

Yes- I want you to stop selling your amazing product or service, and cater to what your customers are looking for. Think about how many ads you see in your newsfeed daily, do you want to suffer the same defeat? No.

Provide your audience with what they want, and make them come back for more.

2. Pictures. Video. Less Reading.

Let’s face it, people have an attention span of squirrel these days- give them something quick and easy to look at. Pictures are a great way to get your message across while boosting likes and shares. Oh and video, well it’s gold right now- so lights, camera, action!

A great resource for royalty free photography:

3. Have a goal and a target in mind.

This is the most important of the five, have a clear understanding (goal) of what you are trying to achieve.. because if you don’t know, they won’t know either.

Second, you wouldn’t play darts blindfolded and hope to hit a bullseye? Right? Understand who you are targeting, take the blindfold off, and throw!

4. Create a Plan. Stick to it.

I get it, you are busy, there are so many other things you can be doing besides sitting on social media. I’m here to tell you, take an hour (or two) and plan your content for the month, use an app like Buffer to schedule your posts.

It’s that easy!

5. Be yourself, you can’t win at everything!

If you are doing one thing this week and switching it up next, your audience doesn’t know what to expect from you. Keep the message clear and concise every time!

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