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We founded our company with the mission to help like-minded business owners grow their businesses online. Consider us a partner, here to help you take your business to the next level through our fifteen years of combined experience in digital marketing strategy, web design, and search engine optimization.

Every project we agree to take on is a commitment to understanding your business, goals, and customers as if they were our own. We bring years of hard work, resources, and strategies that have been proven to help you get more customers, and keep them coming back. 

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Josh Etheridge

co-founder | brand warrior

Josh has always been an entrepreneur at heart, from your traditional lemonade stand to buying an old television at a garage sale and making a movie theater under his bunk bed. 

He loves building and growing businesses. 

Combine that passion with a love of technology (Apple fanboy here), his interest in web design started around 13 (in the Myspace era, where every kid was forced to learn a little HTML). 

Fast forward; he co-founded Two Dot Marketing with his sister, Britt, in 2016 with a passion to help small business owners grow their business online. 

He is a graduate of Arizona State University obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership, has a background in the securities industry and operated several tech consulting and repair companies. 

Native to Michigan, he was born and raised in Battle Creek, later moving to the Grand Rapids area with his girlfriend (Taylor). 

He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, is an avid lover of nature, animals, history, and a multitude of other hobbies.

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Britt Weakley

co-founder | design guru

Unique thinking and design have been a part of Britt’s life ever since she can remember.

Britt has a life passion for design.

She gathers inspiration from working with small business owners, hearing their stories, and carefully crafting a unique design that fits their business perfectly. 

Currently she serves as Co-Founder and Design Guru for Two Dot Marketing, and obtained her Bachelors of Science in Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University.

Currently she resides in Battle Creek, Michigan, is a huge tattoo junkie, and enjoys spending time with her husband (Eric), and two dogs (Rogan & Maze).

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