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Why Good Web Design Matters Right Now in 2020

If you own a small business, you probably already know that having a website is important. If you don’t have a site, you’re likely going to get lost in the crowd, and may not last very long no matter how great your service or product might be. 

But, it’s not enough to just have a website as some kind of placeholder or out of obligation. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to invest in your web design

Consider the fact that 38% of people will stop engaging with your site if the layout isn’t appealing or if the content isn’t relevant. Additionally, people will make judgments on the credibility of your business based on your website alone. In fact, it accounts for about 75% of how someone will judge you. Let’s take a deeper dive into why good web design matters right now!

It Makes a Positive First Impression

Simply put, your website should be a reflection of who you are and what you do. With billions of active Internet users across the globe, a website is often the first glimpse a consumer will have into your brand. 

Think about how you learn more about your favorite businesses. Chances are, you look them up on a search engine in order to find their website. If the website doesn’t give you the information you’re looking for, you’re not going to stick around. 

So, keep those principles in mind for your own website, and consider it to be a proverbial handshake for anyone who looks at it. You want your site to make people feel as though you were talking directly to them and introducing them to what your brand is all about. 

It Boosts Your SEO

If you want your business to have an online presence, SEO is important. Everything from your web design to how you display your contact can impact your SEO and boost your site’s ranking in the search engines. 

Why does that matter? 

First, it allows your business to be seen if someone nearby is looking for the products or services you offer. But, more importantly, it can keep you up to speed with your competition. 

Yes, your competitors are investing in web design. Don’t assume that they aren’t. More people are switching to online shopping than ever before. Part of that has to do with continuous advancements in technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made online shopping more of a norm, as people are still somewhat hesitant to visit stores in-person. 

So, your competitors may quickly realize that they need to make sure their website looks fantastic, is functional, and easy to navigate. If you’re in direct competition with another business and their site is easier to understand than yours, you could be losing out on potential customers. 

It Helps to Build Trust

Speaking of potential customers, it’s not enough to just have a “wow” factor to your website. Flashy designs aren’t necessarily the best designs. 

Instead, people are craving relationships. They want to know that the businesses they support are run by real people with real thoughts. It is estimated that the average person sees around 5,000 advertisements each day. As a result, many people have learned to “tune out” things that sound too much like a marketing ploy. People don’t want to be inundated with what your business can do and how it’s better than everyone else. They want to feel a connection with your brand. 

By having a website that is easy to navigate and easily shows who you are, you can build that trust without having to be too “gimmicky”. 

It Will Make Your Brand More Consistent

You’ll notice that we tend to use the word “brand” over business. That’s because it’s what you should be striving for; creating a brand, rather than trying to mold your business into something you’re not. 

Good web design is a great way to tie your brand together. Think about some of the biggest brands in the world, like Amazon or McDonald’s. Whether you like them or not, they are recognizable across the globe. All you have to do is look at their logo or even a certain color scheme and you know exactly what that company is about. That’s because they have dedicated themselves to creating consistent branding across every platform. 

When you choose to be consistent, starting with your web design, you will make people feel more comfortable, and your brand will become more recognizable, which can lead to word of mouth advertising. 

What Are the Most Important Features of Good Web Design? 

So, now that you know why good web design matters, what are some of the key features your website should focus on? Some of the most important elements include: 

  • Easy navigation that allows people to get information quickly and efficiently
  • A responsive design that looks great on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)
  • Engaging content that is updated frequently to keep people interested
  • Visuals with a purpose instead of flashy images or design work for no reason
  • A fast page speed that doesn’t take more than a few seconds to load
  • Consistency across your entire site to eliminate confusion

As Michigan web designers, we understand why web design is important and we make it our mission to boost small businesses by creating incredible websites. We help small businesses with websites that showcase their brand for what they truly are, in a way that will appeal to visitors. 

If you want to stand out from your competition, make a solid first impression, and create a consistent brand to boost your business, good web design is important. Feel free to contact us to set up a consultation if you are in need of a website makeover, or a completely new site from scratch. Together, we can design a website that truly showcases what your business is all about, and sets the right tone for anyone who will visit it.

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