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You’ve created a great website- but where’s the traffic?

That moment you hit the publish button and your website is live, in the flesh- well I guess pixels! It’s a cool feeling, especially if you built it yourself.

I’m sure you’re wondering where all the visitors are and why aren’t you appearing on Google?

We are asked this question a lot, so we put together a list of things to help deliver you more traffic to your businesses website.

Just remember that your online presence is a never-ending chore, and you should set time for it in your daily routine. That’s right, daily routine, try some of these:

  • Get active on social media, stay active
  • Start a blog, great content brings more potential customers
  • If you’re holding an event, consider paid advertising on social media
  • Check out our other article on marketing tips & tricks

Creating an online presence can take awhile so don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing results right away.

Of course, you may want to ask for a little help on a project like this, a digital marketing agency is exactly the type of people you want on your side. They have the resources, experience, and time to help you execute an effective online marketing strategy.

Our team loves to hear about new projects and companies, learn about our process and the types of clients we love to work with (which may help you interview some companies of your own).

Whether you tackle this alone, hire an employee, or get help from a marketing agency- never neglect online marketing, the world wide web can help you grow your business exponentially.

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