Elevate Your Business: Why a Professional Email with Your Domain Matters

Elevate Your Business: Why a Professional Email with Your Domain Matters 1

In modern business, where first impressions can make or break a deal, how you present yourself matters more than ever. One often overlooked aspect of this is your business email address. While free email services like Gmail and Yahoo are convenient, having a professional email address with your company’s domain name can be a game-changer.  […]

Brand or Bust: The Benefits of Investing in Your Small Business Brand

Brand or Bust: The Benefits of Investing in Your Small Business Brand 2

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the success of a small business hinges on several key factors: a unique value proposition, exceptional products or services, and a loyal customer base. However, there is one often underestimated element that has the potential to catapult a small business into new heights of success – a […]

Navigating the Digital Frontier – A Guide to Growing Your Small Business Online in 2023


In today’s digital landscape, small businesses must be proactive in their approach to growth. The success of a small business depends on its ability to reach potential customers and maximize return on investment (ROI) through effective digital marketing. Growing a small business online in 2023 requires an understanding of the latest digital tools, platforms, and […]

Why you should outsource your marketing in 2022!

Why you should outsource your marketing in 2022! 3

Yes, You Should Outsource Your Marketing. Here’s Why: We understand why a small business owner might initially hesitate to hire an outside marketing agency. You’re a DIYer to your core because that’s what it took to get your business off the ground. You bust your hump day in and day out, pushing yourself to make […]

How we (re)branded our business in 2022!

Branding Computer Screen

Britt & I have been digital marketers for a combined 17 years; and over the past six years since we broke ground in our digital marketing company, we quickly learned where our passions lie… helping small business owners grow a business online.  Today we are extremely excited to announce a project we have been working […]

Building a Brand – The Content Machine


We created our Building a Brand Series as a resource to help small business owners like you build your business online. This article will discuss how to grow an online business by mastering the content creation machine. Let us take a moment to recap the steps we’ve taken to get to this point: Understanding Your […]

Building a Brand – What is a Customer Persona and Why Does it Matter?

Customers in Coffee Shop

Marketing is, at its core, a form of psychology. To be successful with marketing, you have to intimately understand the person you are advertising to. You need to understand their wants, needs, and dealbreakers no matter your industry. There’s no better way to do this than to craft a customer persona. Customer personas, when created […]

10 Marketing Tools Every Small Business Should Know About in 2021

marketing tools

Marketing is one of the most difficult aspects of growing your business. Some consider marketing to be an art, others treat it more like a process governed by statistics and data. The truth is that both creativity and data-driven logic play a part in creating successful marketing campaigns. Striking the right balance will heavily depend […]

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, Why & How!

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, Why & How! 5

Many businesses share in the common misconception that simply putting up a website is enough to be able to check “digital marketing” off their to-do list. In reality, the online side of your business requires a lot of attention, both up-front and on an ongoing basis, if you want your audience to find it. The […]

Five Things to Boost Online Traffic

Five Things to Boost Online Traffic 6

Paid traffic will only get you so far. When your advertising budget is tight, or entirely non-existent, organic traffic is what’s going to be there to keep your site going. But, how do you get organic traffic and how can you maximize the traffic you are getting? Here are five tips to help you out. […]