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How we (re)branded our business in 2022!

Britt & I have been digital marketers for a combined 17 years; and over the past six years since we broke ground in our digital marketing company, we quickly learned where our passions lie… helping small business owners grow a business online. 

Today we are extremely excited to announce a project we have been working on for nearly nine months; the next chapter of our business. 

Earlier this year we understood the need to shift our focus to better align with our passion and fill a gap in the market to help small business owners build their business online by offering professional, affordable digital marketing services.

As we flip the page to the next chapter in our business, we are excited to bring a dedicated focus to achieving that exact goal. We have refreshed our brand, and want to tell you all about how we branded our business in 2022. 

Branding is an extremely important element, one of the foundational pieces to the rest of your marketing efforts. It’s important that you spend time and resources getting it right. 

Understanding who we wanted to target

It started with us identifying our target audience; who they are, what they like, and how to get them to interact with us. We call this building a customer persona, in fact we have a detailed article on how to build a customer persona that we highly recommend. This process can be daunting, and to be frank, it takes a lot of time and consideration, but it pays off ten-fold when you know who you are targeting.

Once we developed our target audience, and built our customer persona- by the way her name is Sara. We had to start thinking about the feel of our brand, what Sara would be attracted to, then take all of those feelings and coordinate the proper colors and fonts to carry out our grand design. 

If it were only that easy; with millions (if not more) of typfaces, colors, and font styles… this process can be a bane for many digital marketers. We used design boards, photography, objects, textures, and a whole lot more; all while focusing on Sara and what would appeal to her.  

Pro Tip: Marketing isn’t necessarily about what you like, rather what attracts your target customer to your door (or virtual door?)

You can find all of that in our new brand guide, and if you need help picking the best color and fonts for your business, we have you covered. 

How we (re)branded our business in 2022! 1

Developing our new logo

At first we had no intention of changing our logo as we had sentimental attachment to our original logo; however, we understood the importance of serving our customer persona, Sara. 

We took what we knew about Sara, the tone we needed to deliver, and how to pair that with our new font and color choices. It was important that we carried the “two dots” over from the previous logo and incorporated it into the new logo, as a reminder of where we started. 

Our team is thrilled about the launch of our new logo; and if you’re wondering how to build a logo for your business, check out this article.

How we (re)branded our business in 2022! 2

Building a Website that Converts

By now we have developed our customer persona, Sara, determined the feel of our brand through colors and fonts, and redesigned our logo from the ground up. The next step in our journey was creating a website that converts visitors into customers. Namely, get Sara to schedule a consultation with us.

This was a months-long process that went side-by-side with the previous steps we discussed earlier. We paid close attention to the message we were attempting to deliver, using language and content that would relate directly to Sara. 

The goal of any website copy is to answer the question(s) that searchers are looking for, and create a compelling argument to get them to perform an action. We call this converting. 

Throughout the site we used easy to understand copy along with simple visual queues for easy identification and reading. We wanted our site to present a clean and organized feel as it depicts to the reader a sense of professionalism without a lot of industry jargon. This helps us serve Sara better. 

Our next chapter

We are extremely excited to continue our growth into the next chapter of our business. Our passion to help small business owners grow their businesses online is the core of who we are going forward. 

(Re)brand your business

Whether you are branding your business for the first time, or simply rebranding like we did in 2022, our team has created resources to help you understand the entire process! You can find our free brand resource center here.

If you feel like you are not ready, or don’t have the time to venture this path alone, consider having a free marketing consultation with us. We are always thrilled to meet new business owners and help them move their business forward. 

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